REFRESH, A 501c3 Organization

We exist to empower women to reset the rhythm of their own lives.

  • March 2017: Impromptu Teen Talk Session - Empowering young ladies ages 13-19 to dream chase!

  • May 2017:  Sunset & Starlights - Empowering youngs ladies early 20-30s with life lessons, aha moments, and notes worth jotting down.

  • June 2017:  2TermMoms - Empowering grandmothers, who are on a second term of motherhood raising their grandchildren, with community, inspiration, and appreciation.

  • October 2017:  The Village of Mothers - Empowering mothers who have lost a child to gun violence with strength for their  journey.

  • October 2017:  Emphasing the Can in cancer Survivors - Connecting newly diagnosed with survivors of cancer for the purpose of encouragment  & empowerment.

  • November 2017:  DREAMSCAPE!  #DS17