Dr. Gena

They huddle around conference room tables and via conference calls flushing out the details of REFRESH.  With passionate commitment, our Advisory Board and Executive Team fuel the vision and mission of this organization.  It is our total pleasure existing to empower women to reset the rhythm of their own lives.  Your financial support gives our huddle magic life!  Than you for that!   Never underestimate the power of a good huddle.


Stephanie Nellons-Paige


​Board of Directors

Dr. Mosadi Porter

Lexie Okeke

Yolanda Nunez

​Elizabeth Stephens

​Dr. Gena Jerkins


No amount is too small to make a positive difference in the lives of courageous women who are charting a new course for their lives.  . We responsibly steward all contributions to  facilitate the vision and mission of REFRESH., a 501c3 organization.                           SINGLE CONTRIBUTION                           MONTHLY CONTRIBUTION

*Checks made payable to REFRESH.  PO Box 1287; Somerville, TX 77879

WISH List:

Our REFRESH CENTER has a few items which could use some tender, loving, care.  Please take action today:

-Rocking Chairs                                                                                           -Blenders, 2                                                                -Patio Furniture

-Wasp and/or Ant spray, cans of it!  -We are in the country!                 -Towels, face & body size                                            -Rolls of Tissue, lots

-Cleaning supplies.  #youknowtheones                                                   -Dry Erase Boards,2 (48X36)

-Home Depot and/or Wal-Mart gift cards                                              -Electric can openers, 3 (We cook big!)            

​                                                                                                                                                Full OR Partial SPONSORSHIP HERE


She Believed She Could, So She Did. 

                                                  -R. S. Grey

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