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She Believed She Could, So She Did. 

                                                  -R. S. Grey


- Reframing:  We value the belief that we can reframe our lives.  We can choose to see and do life a different way.
-Empowerment:  We value the truth that we are not powerless but powerful.  We are empowered to create our best life
-Sharing:  We value the priceless sharing that occurs in the safe-haven of connection, relationships, and community.
-Execution: We value the execution of an idea, into a plan, into a specific and measurable next step.   
-Take-Aways:  We value take-aways, lessons learned, and “aha” moments.  We believe that when we know better, we will       

 do better. 

                                                                         It is God who makes my way perfect and gives me strength.  Psalms 18:32




OUR VISION & MISSION:  "Push the REFRESH button!" That's the advice frequently given to frustrated users as we attempt to use a computer frozen mid-program.   And push we do! All of a sudden, it is as if cyber miracles occur! Data fields are populated, emails rush into the inbox, documents are restored.  Of course, the computer does not become brand new.  Yet somehow, pushing the REFRESH button brings the computer to life again!

Just like the computer, there are moments in life when a woman may feel dysfunctional, stuck midstream, numb and non-responsive!  Other times, all seems well yet the woman knows instinctively that her life’s journey belongs on a different path. REFRESH, our 501(c)3 organization, envisions empowered women living their best lives. We are the REFRESH button that empowers women to reset the rhythm of their own lives.


    ​  REFRESH.

rəˈfreSH/:  The ability to reset, stimulate new strength, energy, or perspective, so that something will work again or work in a different way.  Sitting in front of a Dairy Queen in a small country town, my first reset happened before I was even aware that the concept existed.  For weeks, actually months, I struggled with a change of heart regarding a major life choice.  In the safety of the company of my first friend, I confessed an extreme trepidation to going forward with the life decision while simultaneously feeling anxious about choosing a different way.  With little lag time in responding, his simple input triggered my reset. 

"One life," my first friend said.  "You only have one life...do what you want to with it."   In that moment, it was as if permission was granted for me to breathe, to think clearly, and then to do life a different way.  Have you ever needed that moment? A safe space to breathe, to think, and then to figure out what to do.  Every now and again, I close my eyes, still inhale his words, and choose to go a different way.  I believe that my first opportunity to REFRESH was a life-empowering gift. Through precise programming, REFRESH gifts forward the opportunity to reset to as many women as possible.  REFRESH, this passionate 501 C3 organization, exists to empower women to reset the rhythm of their own lives.  Dr. Gena, Founder 


1st Quarter: 

Spring Break Teen Group. March 2017

2nd Quarter: 

Sunset & Starlights-An Evening of "Aha Moments, Lessons Learned, & Notes worth jotting down empowering young ladies, early 20s-30s. May 2017

3rd Quarter: 

2Term Mothers- Honoring grandmothers while also facilitating connection which allows them to empower each other with wisdom, strength, and encouragement for their second motherhood journey. July 2017

Shelter Collaboration-September 2017

4th Quarter: 

Dreamscape - November 2017