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Often, a sign is put out for a single day with a company‚Äôs name and logo to give recognition for helping with a special project or one-time event.  Our organization completely gets that which is why we could not do it.  You see, Home Depot, Store #8518, Brenham, TX is deserving of such much more recognition than the norm.  They have stuck with REFRESH far longer than a one-time event/day.  For that, thank you!

Our ongoing project, to remodel an old house into a facility for non-profit, humanitarian service began February 2016.  Literally, the team at Home Depot, Store #8518 has been a resource of information, wisdom, insight, kindness, support, and quality product countless times over. Although some have now transitioned, it became the norm for me to be able to greet Andy, Roy, Cliff, Tommy, Dave, Mary, Shandolyn, Eleanore, Lisa, Elva, Glenn, Steve, Chris, Robbie, John, Jackie, Eli, Amber, JoAnn, Michelle, Chaffin, Seth, Doug, Josh, Jolin, Arnold, Angela, Cris, Charles and countless others.  So thank you again Home Depot, Store #8518.  You are deserving of this simple acknowledgment and beyond.  With kindest regards-

REFRESH, A 501c3 Organization

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