This is Us: Refresh Board of Directors


Creative, brilliant, pensive,

reflective, objective, balanced,

strong, diverse, a voice, marching

to her own beat, a rock-solid

phenomenon  all by herself, worldwide

change agent 'cause she

Lexie Okeke. ~Lex

The epitome' of the "real deal".  A

real heart, a real passion, a real

transparency, a real testimony, a real

commitment, a real loyalty, a real

faithfulness, a real scholar, a real

desire to see others excel in their


Dr. Mosadi Porter.  ~Sadi

Generous beyond measure,

compassionate towards all,

moved deeply by worthy causes,

a heart of gold, a vision

cheerleader, fierce faith walker,

servant's heart...the one & only

Yolanda Nunez.  ~Yo

Insightful, honest, a go-getter,

a self starter, global citizen,

adventurous, disciplined, diligent,

intelligent, timeless taste,

student of life-ever learning and

evolving...a round of applause for

Elizabeth Stephens.  ~Liz

Visionary, fearless, humorous,

kind, passionate, energizer,

creative, empowering, emotionally

expressive and gives really great

hugs, sincerely loves God and people

servant leader...yours truly Dr.

Gena Jerkins.  ~G 

"We so adore playing together, making our difference in the world!"

REFRESH, A 501c3 Organization